Su Zimeng: Construction machinery is shifting from incremental market-oriented to stock market update and incremental market upgrade

Su Zimeng: Construction machinery is shifting from incremental market-oriented to stock market update and incremental market upgrade

Su Zimeng, president of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, stated at the “Tenth Construction Materials and Equipment Management Innovation Conference” that excavators are a barometer of the construction machinery industry. Domestic brands account for more than 70% of the current excavator market. More and more domestic brands will be equipped, and domestic brands will have many breakthroughs in reliability, durability, and energy saving and emission reduction.

According to Su Zimeng, the sales of various construction machinery and equipment this year have reached the peak in recent years. The sales volume of truck cranes reached 45,000 units, and the sales volume of crawler cranes reached 2,520 units, and the demand for crawler cranes has been in short supply since this year. Lifting platforms and aerial work platforms have developed rapidly in recent years, and it is expected that these products will have greater room for development in the next 5 years.

“Comprehensive statistics from the enterprise groups that the association’s key contacts show that sales revenue in 2019 increased by 20% compared to 2018, and profits increased by 71.3%.” Su Zimeng said. The comprehensive data of key enterprise statistics shows that the basis for 2019 In 2020, the sales revenue of the construction machinery industry increased by 23.7%, and the profit increased by 36%.

From the perspective of product technology, many companies at Bauma this year exhibited new technology products, a batch of intelligent products with auxiliary operation, unmanned driving, cluster management, safety protection, special operations, remote control, fault diagnosis, life cycle management, etc. The product has been practically applied, flexibly solved some difficulties in construction, met the equipment needs of major engineering construction, and gave birth to a batch of high-end engineering machinery and major technical equipment. Su Zimeng said that the level of digitalization, greening, and complete sets of some products needs to be improved. Some large-scale equipment and key parts and components have insufficient market competitiveness, but after the “14th Five-Year Plan”, many products will reach the international leading level. .

Judging the future development of construction machinery from the perspective of demand structure, Su Zimeng believes that first, construction machinery is shifting from incremental market to stock market renewal and incremental market upgrade; second, from the pursuit of cost-effectiveness to high quality and high performance; A single general machinery demand structure mainly includes digital, intelligent, green, pleasant, complete sets, work clusters, comprehensive solutions, and diversified demand structures. Su Zimeng said that with the mature application of new materials and technologies, new construction environments including plateaus, extreme cold and other environments have put forward new requirements on equipment, promoted the improvement of construction technology, and also gave birth to the demand for emerging equipment. This trend It is more and more obvious, including the foundation construction sector, there is still great growth.

Since 2020, the domestic construction machinery market demand has increased significantly, and the international market export value has shown a downward trend. Su Zimeng said: “It is expected that in 2021, the new demand and the replacement demand in the construction machinery market will play a role together. Together with the collection of national policies, the construction machinery industry will continue to grow steadily.”

Post time: Dec-28-2020