Finish treatment

  • Finish Treatment Service

    Finish Treatment Service

    Our painting operations are based on certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems. We offer the most up-to-date semi automated wet painting service, which includes an online chemical etching facility, dry off facility, modern electrostatic spray booth and super size industrial oven. Typically we paint the following type of goods: industrial machinery parts, agricultural machinery parts, construction machinery parts and others. Our wet painting experts will deliver quality, affordable p...
  • Logistic Center

    Logistic Center

    Our Logistic Center was founded in the end of 2014, about 50 workers, using ERP information technology and barcode management to ensure the accuracy of the products warehousing. Automated inventory systems work by scanning a barcode on the parts. A barcode scanner is used to read the barcode, and the information encoded by the barcode is read by the machine. This information is then tracked by a central computer system. For example, a purchase order may contain a list of items to be pulled fo...