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We have recently fabricated and assembled components and products for clients. The professional assembly workers are doing assembly for the finished products. Assembly and packing based on customer requirements, simple packing and mechanical assembly of components prior to shipping.
The full manufacturing processing is Design-CNC laser cutting/flame Cutting/stamping-forming/bending-CNC machining –welding-surface treatment-assembly
Hengli has the experience and flexibility to work with customers seeking to prototype a part. We take great pride not only in our commitment to quality, but also our track record of supplying effective and dependable fabrication services for our customers.
Our emphasis on quality is second to none with products made with structural integrity and of superior quality. Our full range service includes MIG, TIG and spot welding. We are a ISO 3834 , EN1090 certified and ISO9001 registered company with certified welders and supervisor personnel. These processes and certification provides an added level of confidence and assurance to our customers that the documentation, weld quality and knowledge level of our fabricators are independently verified against the requirements of the standards, and thereby minimizes liability risk. We ensure that our work is guided by the highest standards of quality and safety possible.
We aim for fast turnaround on delivery and reliable scheduling with our logistic agent in the world. If this is not possible or cost-effective, we use a trusted local carrier to support additional requirements. We also work with client’s delivery partners and arrange shipments worldwide, from China to worldwide.
We carefully pack and transport to minimise any risk of in-transit damage to the finish or components themselves and are happy to use customers own stillages if required.
Guaranteeing clients the highest quality standards through design, fabrication, finishing assembly and wide delivery; we take pride in sheet metal fabrication services that have led the market throughout our 20 years in business.

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